LifeGuide Services

Taking financial planning and guidance a step further with personalized services.

Our LifeGuide Services go beyond your initial plan and focus on the unique aspects of your life, providing highly personalized advice, guidance and ongoing advocacy to help you reach your goals.

We’ll help you get the most out of your money.

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Cash Flow Strategy

We’ll gauge your comfort level and financial capacity for weathering changes in liquid net worth.

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Employment & Government Benefit Maximization

We’ll analyze employment and/or government benefits, pensions, tax-qualified plans, health plans, stock options, social security and other benefits.

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Tax Efficiency

We’ll review past returns and recommend tax strategies that strive to minimize income, business, and estate taxes.

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Risk Awareness & Behavioral Finance Profile

We’ll help you discover how core beliefs drive financial behavior, and help you better understand your own views on money.

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Retirement Income Maximization

We’ll develop a distribution analysis and retirement income plan to help ensure you can target your desired retirement and lifestyle goals.

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Real Estate, Debt & Mortgage Analysis

We’ll evaluate directly-owned real estate, including property ownership issues, mortgage and repair costs, and benefits.

We’ll help you prepare for whatever the future holds.

Financial & Legal Document Management

We’ll develop a strategy for how life changes are formally addressed as you plan for your estate, business, financial, and personal needs.

Income Protection

We’ll evaluate protection for your income in the event of disability or peril (sickness or accident).

Long-Term Care & Advocacy

We’ll plan for long-term care medical expenses by analyzing insurance and retirement protection tools and strategies.

Longevity Risk

We’ll help you understand the expenses associated with living beyond expectation and how to implement and manage strategies for that eventually.

Health & Wellness

We’ll provide information and make recommendations for improving your welfare, including health insurance, Health Savings Accounts, and other forms of protection.

Wealth Protection & Credit Score

We’ll identify potential exposures and discuss preventive tools and strategies to reduce risk exposure.

Property & Casualty Risk

We’ll help you to assess options for reducing the cost of insurance or to self-insure.

We’ll help you plan and protect your legacy.

Survivor, Dependent, &#38; Special Needs Protection

Survivor, Dependent, & Special Needs Protection

We’ll show you how to provide income, asset protection, and estate liquidity for those who depend on you.

Account Titling &#38; Beneficiary Review

Account Titling & Beneficiary Review

We’ll conduct a regular review of how your assets are titled, who you’ve given powers to, and who you’ve named as beneficiaries.

Charitable Giving &#38; Philanthropic Intent

Charitable Giving & Philanthropic Intent

We’ll review existing and investigate new charitable giving opportunities, while developing a Charitable Giving Plan.

Fiduciary Advice to Help You Move Forward

We’re here to listen and learn about the complex issues and situations you're facing. We’ll help you every step of the way, offering guidance and support you can depend on.

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